Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Shopping Secrets

Hello Guys!
Many of my friends ask me how I have so many clothes or buy the right stuff. Its not that I have many clothes it’s just that I wear almost everything I buy and it’s because there are certain rules I follow when I’m shopping. I will share some of them with you.

1.       If you can’t see yourself wearing what you want to buy on at least 5 outfits of things you already have then don’t buy it. This one is pretty hard even for myself but I am finding a way to adapt this to my closet and I have noticed that I buy mostly relevant things now.

2.       If you’re getting it just because you don’t want the next person to buy it then don’t get it. I know the feeling of victory of getting something so someone else cant get it, one of the best feelings ever, but you can swallow your pride and give it to the next person trust me your purse will smile.

3.       If it doesn’t fit then don’t buy it, well mostly if it’s too small. I love oversize things and usually buy bigger than my size for things like hoodies and knit sweaters. Usually clothes that are too small even tend to make you look bigger than you actually are, and smaller shoes can even lead to sore feet.

  4.   If it’s bad quality don’t buy it, I’m a firm believer in the notion “quality is better than quantity” so if it’s bad quality please don’t buy it you will save a lot in the process. I really hate bad quality clothing which is why I even sometimes budget and buy expensive clothes but its worth it in the end.

5.       If it’s trending avoid it. I’m one person who hates dressing like everyone else so once something is really popular I instantly hate it, bad habit. This may not apply to everyone if you don’t mind having the same thing as someone. But if you wanna stand out it may be the way to go. 

6.       If it’s an essential that you don’t have in your closet, buy it! These are things such as a white tee or black blazer. They always come in handy when picking an outfit.

7.       Shop in the guys section ladies, you can actually find awesome stuff there too especially when it comes to sweats, hoodies and t shirts. Menswear is something that is becoming really popular and I think we must all take advantage of that!

8.       Please buy clothing that suits your body type, this is important. This includes bras too! Most people I know don’t know their bra size or dress size I think its important to wear the right size of things and you would be shocked the wonders this will do for your body.

9.       Take advantage of sales, I am one person who lives for sales I would say especially the fact that I'm a student and have a strict budget. I actually do my winter shopping in the summer mostly and summer in winter all because I want to target that great quality stuff and a decent price. Also shop online!

 So those are some of the things I do and consider when shopping, I hope they help you too!

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